ArmandoG – The perfect safe & display combination


The origin of the company dates back to 1986 and began with the manufacture of heavy industrial equipment and industrial packaging systems. In 2009 following his passion for watches and firearms Juan Barberán created a new division and brand name called ArmandoG. Seeking a solution for the safe storage of watches, jewelry and firearms ArmandoG began a collaboration with SwissKubiK to integrate watch winders into a series of safes and displays. Today the ArmandoG offers a wide range of safe storage possibilities, some designed specifically for winders only or more flexible solutions that offer storage of both winders and your precious jewelry collection. All safes are manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN 1143-1 and depending on the needs and requirements of our customers, each individual safe can be made to NG (No Grade) or GIII (Grade 3) standard. The dimensions of the NG and GIII versions are the same, the principal difference is the weight, GIII versions are heavier due to the inclusion of additional materials required to reach GIII standard.

Safes are available in a matt black finish or in a high gloss lacquer finish in the colors:

  • Black, DS-Diamant Schwartz (BMW)
  • White, White Island (Porsche)
  • Red, RC Rosso Corsa (Ferrari)
  • Silver, AS, Aluminum Silver (Lotus)
  • Gold, Gold Metallic (Bentley)

Pricing for ArmandoG on Request