Inspired by the world of butterflies, ODA reflects this symbol of transformation, evolution, freedom, and beauty. ODA bracelets are flexible enough to adapt perfectly to your wrist and are customizable so they fit you and your lifestyle. The ODA Dreams collection of bracelets is extremely attractive, elegant and comfortable. ODA bracelets are made from 316L stainless steel and are corrosion resistant and anti-allergenic. The bracelets are also available in a 3 micron Rose Gold finish. Easily adaptable to your style, the color of the bracelet can be transformed very simply by changing the color of the leather insert band. ODA offers a range of up to 12 different leather band colors. The ODA bracelet is essentially a case with the back of the bracelet also in stainless steel. Unlike our competitors this essentially means that there is no contact between the skin and the leather band and no discoloration of the leather insert due to perspiration. The wrist is protected by the anti-allergenic stainless steel. Available in three different sized bandwidths S (15mm), M (25mm) and L (38mm). The flexibility of the design ensures that the sizing can be adapted to your wrist size.

Bracelets are available with the following leather insert band colors:

1. Black
2. Brown
3. Gold
4. Navy Blue
42. Light Blue
7. Pink
8. White
9. Red
10. Yellow
11. Orange
14. Lilac
16. Beige