Rapport EVO MARK II Collection

The EVO MK II is a versatile and extremely popular watch winder, that Rapport have been perfecting for years. The EVO MK II is the latest version and has been upgraded to include 9 different programming functions at the touch of a button. The high gloss finish models are all wood construction with a veneer which has several layers of hand applied lacquer to give a luxurious silky-smooth appearance. The Rapport EVO MarkII is available in 6 different colors. The watch holders are covered with an elegant black leather and can also be adjusted to all sizes of the watch strap.

The high quality double and quad cases in high gloss piano black finish, hold up to 4 EVO MK II Rapport watch winders. Mix and or match the colors of your choice. Each individual compartment is lined with leather to allow for a smooth, snug and scratch-proof fitting of the individual winders. The Rapport double and quad watch cases are wired so that each winder can be powered by way of a single adapter.