New in 2020, just launched in the USA

Swiss Capsule is a cool, revolutionary new watch winder exclusively designed and manufactured in Switzerland and is the first watch winder to come with a 5- year international warranty. Swiss Capsule single winders are available in 6 different colors. Check out the Swiss Capsule Single Matt Black:

Key Points and Features

  • Swiss-Made with strong long-lasting components and an unmatchable motor performance.
  • Sleek modern and stylish design, allows optimum viewing of the watch
  • 5 Year International Warranty
  • Operates on two standard “C” Cell batteries
  • Battery life 5 to 7 years depending on watch size and weight.
  • RPD’s 900 per day CW, CCW or Bi-Directional.
  • The unit is activated or set in motion by turning the capsule with your hand.
  • No internal rotating drum as the complete capsule turns, no issues with damage to straps or buckles.
  • Available in 6 colors, Black, Red, Green, Navy Blue, Orange and Aluminum/Silver.

Patented watch support easily converts from standard to small watch support.