SwissKubik Customization

We offer a range of options to customize your SwissKubik Watch Winder from private labels to integration. Please contact us for further information.

Your Single Watch Winder or Startbox

Single winders from the Startbox and Classic collection can be customized with a client logo. In the case of the Startbox the logo is engraved. The logo can also be embossed on to the leather finish of the Classic collection and in the case of the Aluminum collection the logo is applied using silk-screen printing.

  • Minimum Quantity: 10 pieces
  • Price: US$ 10.00 per piece
  • Setup Cost: US$ 250.00
  • Prototype: Price on request.

Open Frame System

In addition to the possibilities of personalization, SwissKubiK have also launched a new system called the “Open Frame System” , which allows customers to customize a SwissKubiK multiple watch winder unit to fit into any space. So if you wish to custom build a unit or fit a number of SwissKubiK watch winders into your walk-in wardrobe call us for a quotation. Here are a few examples.