SwissKubiK Prestige Collection

Swiss Watch Winding Technology as selected and recommended by leading Swiss Watch Brands.


The ultimate in luxury combining world class craftsmanship with state of the art technology. Starting with a unit designed to hold 8 SwissKubiK watch winders and 8 positions for jewelry the KUB is available in a variety of finishes or can be customized with a finish to suit your interior design.

  • Smartphone controlled, the KUB app allows you to take photos of the individual pieces in your collection.
  • Select the image of the item you wish to take out and the carousel rotates to the front with that item and the door opens.
  • Spyglass technology has been used for the glass door so when the unit closes the lights go off and the glass door becomes a mirror so your collection remains hidden from view.


Unique and beautiful, these exclusive furniture cabinets are hand made by the Spanish design company Tesserra. This unit holds 9 SwissKubiK removable watch winders. Made from light or dark walnut wood and finished with calf leather trimming and silver nickel metal fittings.