SwissKubik Startbox – Single Watch Winders

SwissKubiK Startbox

Available in 5 different colors Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and Orange.

The Startbox series is a relatively new addition to the SwissKubiK collection of watch winders. The Startbox series uses the same technology as the singles from the Classic collection. The principal differences are the housing, which is resin based, the size as it is slightly larger and the fact that these units cannot be programmed for a different rotation cycle. The rotations are set at 1900 rotations per day, 950 clockwise and 950 counterclockwise. The rotation cycle is sufficient for the majority of watches on the market.

  • Cube measuring 11.2 x 11.2 x 11.2 cm or ca. 4.4 inches.
  • Weight 700 grams or ca. 25 ounces.
  • Polyamide housing coated with a “soft touch” finish.
  • Powered by 2 x Alkaline “C” cell batteries
  • Supplied with standard size watch support, optional small watch support available on request.
  • On/Off switch with Red/Green LED located at the back of the unit.
  • LED switch flashes green for normal operation, low battery indicated by red flashes allowing ca. 2 months to replace batteries
  • Pause mode in vertical position.
  • 3 Years worldwide warranty
  • Swiss Made

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